Building a Successful Tech Stack Through Data

Standardizing analysis and providing a holistic view of the attribution funnel, one way of analyzing all channels


Easy Steps


Think Holistically

Campaign insights and attribution are 100% reliant on the ability to track all aspects of a campaign. DoubleClick Campaign Manager simplifies advertising campaign management, from media planning to reporting. With all your digital marketing efforts on one powerful platform, you can work smarter, act quicker, and get better results. Did we mention we can also track Social!


Think Like A Consumer

Connect to your audience with mobile, video, rich media, and dynamic formats. DoubleClick audience features help you identify, locate and understand your customers, wherever they are. Full-funnel measurement is seamlessly integrated, so you’ll know if your ads were seen by the right audience, whether they changed perceptions, and what consumers did as a result. Make adjustments in real time to hit your brand and performance goals.


Research Analyze Data

A robust reporting suite and attribution tools give you the fresh, de-duplicated data you need to make better decisions for your business. Capture insights from campaigns across screens and formats, all in one place. Along with the built in features DoubleClick offers, AdSwerve has developed additional tools/insights that allow clients to take their data a step further.


Listen To Your Data

With DoubleClick’s integrated and open platform you can organize and segment audience data from any source. Act on these insights in real time with Google’s proprietary technology for bidding, targeting, consolidating, and optimization. Combine that with AdSwerve’s strategic services and we’re sure to find a solution that meets your unique needs.