Buying display just got better

Using Display & Video 360’s demand-side platform (DSP), we now have new, smarter ways for advertisers and agencies to buy display efficiently and more effectively. With DV360, you now have access to powerful audience and contextual data, as well as billions of impressions, to optimally target the right clients at the right time.

Simplify your strategy

With DV360, you can make easier, faster decisions with a complete view of your display campaigns on a single interface. Using Google Marketing Platform’s proprietary data and Google’s powerful bidding technology, DV360 saves you time, while giving you the control you need to target your customers more precisely and effectively.

Most major Demand Side Platforms (DSP) are similar in the type of inventory they are able to access. All of the leading companies will have integrations across platforms allowing the purchase of media across multiple marketing channels (desktop, mobile, video and social). Essentially, most DSPs are accessing the same inventory by linking into many of the same Ad Exchanges in the market today. The crowded market raises a question: Which platform can magnify reach, narrow unprofitable elements and connect with audiences during relevant moments? Innovation, transparency and profitability are the most crucial KPI’s and must be a core feature of your DSP.

  • Efficiency & Scale
  • Access to Relevant Data
  • Access to Proprietary Ad Formats
  • Multiple Buy Options (Preferred & Guaranteed)
  • Transparency
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Make smarter decisions and achieve more with your search campaigns using our powerful, time-saving tools. Designed specifically to drive results: a recent study showed up to a 195% gain in ROI after adopting Search Ads 360.

Search Ads 360 uses a proprietary bid optimization algorithm so that you can make smarter bidding decisions and update your campaigns in near real-time. Using our bid optimization tools, 88% of campaigns see improved performance, with double the conversions at half the cost-per-action. Our ever-learning algorithms are backed by years of search data, so you can be sure that your campaigns will be optimized to the industry’s leading information, based on your company’s individual goals.

With the Google Marketing Platform, you can finally close the loop between search and display. Run search campaigns that are tightly integrated with the rest of your digital efforts and incorporate audience data into ad creative for actionable insights across screens and channels.

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The gold standard in digital campaign management

With Campaign Manager, it’s now possible to control all of your digital marketing efforts in a single powerful, comprehensive interface. From media planning, trafficking and targeting, to optimization and reporting, our new management platform changes the way ad campaigns are run, so you can meet all of your digital marketing objectives—faster.

Campaign Manager’s platform boasts of a streamlined interface: a more intuitive UI and better product integrations—all designed to save you time and money and get the most out of your digital marketing efforts. A more integrated platform means you can do more in fewer steps, and update your campaigns in minutes, so you can focus on more important things.

Bringing Campaign Manager into your Digital Display marketing efforts will simplify your media planning, trafficking and reporting workflows in one integrated, intuitive and powerful interface. Many ad servers have the ability to deliver impressions, clicks and conversions, but Campaign Manager opens a host of reporting benefits and trafficking efficiencies. From advanced conversion and attribution modeling to inclusive viewability measuring tools, Campaign Manager will enhance all elements of your display campaigns and bring a host of new business intelligence to your organization.

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Access comprehensive data across all platforms

At AdSwerve, we believe your campaigns can only be as powerful as the data they generate.Google Marketing Platform’s new, integrated Digital Marketing platform gives you the most up-to-date, actionable data, as well as powerful attribution tools so you can make smarter decisions across campaigns. Current, de-duplicated data is updated multiple times daily, giving you the ability to make informed decisions on where to spend your marketing dollars across your display, rich media, search, video, mobile, and social marketing campaigns.

Consolidate your data from all your marketing efforts and digital channels under one, comprehensive platform to streamline workflow, build more effective strategies, and implement decisions faster. With years of industry experience, data processing, and know-how, Google Marketing Platform is the leading platform for the world’s largest advertisers and agencies.

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