Announcing Adswerve’s New $500 Monthly BigQuery Credit

September 18, 2019

Beginning September 1st, 2019, Adswerve is offering a $500/month BigQuery credit to any of our existing or new Google Analytics 360 subscribers interested in leveraging the Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platforms together to meet their marketing goals.


Since 2014, Adswerve (formerly known as Analytics Pros) has leveraged BigQuery to export raw data from Google Analytics 360 (GA360) into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for more than 250 companies. We’ve also helped them bring other internal and external data sets into GCP and clean and consolidate them into a single source of truth for a more holistic view of their customers’ journeys. 

Two of our many successful applications, World Surf League and Twiddy, have been featured in Google cases studies, and a recent post by our Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Scientist, Pat Grady, demonstrates how the power of GCP and BigQuery helps companies achieve previously unattainable business solutions.

These and many more GA360 clients have enjoyed one of the most important benefits and advantages of data collection in the field of digital analytics: a $500 per month BigQuery coupon issued by Google. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. This past summer, after five years of quietly funding a company’s data maturity from behind the scenes, Google determined that the time had come to discontinue their coupon initiative.


How Adswerve Can Help

As a Premier Partner of both GCP and Google Marketing Platform, and on behalf of the companies who trust us to help them find the best ways to combine these two platforms, Adswerve appreciates Google’s investment in driving industry maturity with more advanced capabilities and application of data.

However, we don’t believe all data-driven marketers, aspiring or advanced, are yet at a place in their journey to lose this very important credit or possible access to GCP. Therefore, Adswerve has decided to continue the coupon program previously offered by Google for our new and existing GA360 customers.

Beginning September 1st, 2019, Adswerve is offering a $500/month credit to any of our existing or new Google Analytics 360 subscribers interested in leveraging the Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platforms together to meet their marketing goals. We’re doing this because we believe in “Purposeful Data, Meaningful Media” — that many of the companies we work with get the best results when all the available data sets are contemplated and pursued.

We see a day coming in the next decade where advanced analytics and marketing applications will lean in more and more on the tools available in GCP (i.e BigQuery, Tensor Flow, ML, AI, etc). There’s huge value in preparing for that future now by collecting, storing and cleaning raw datasets for analysis down the road.


Additional Tools You Can Leverage for Success

While GA360 is one of the most important data sources that an organization can utilize in a data warehouse, it is often one piece of a larger user story. In addition to using the $500 credit for GA360 analysis, many customers utilize Adswerve’s Data Transfer service to incorporate media data including Campaign Manager, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce and CRM data sources. As leading partners, consultants and advisers we encourage all GA360 users to engage and embrace the power of GCP By continuing to offer this credit we believe we will empower all of our customers to use data and analytics to make the best decisions for their respective organizations.


How to Get Started

If you’re interested in learning more or are new to Adswerve, please reach out to sales@adswerve.com for more details. For all existing clients already using GCP and BigQuery, your Account Executive will reach out in the near future to discuss the next steps.

Thank you for entrusting Adswerve with your GMP and GCP relationships. We look forward to serving you as your preferred partner, helping you excel in your understanding and application of all that GMP and GCP can do together.